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Home grown textiles from WoodsEdge Farm 

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Since 1976, the WoodsEdge vision has consistently been one of creating beauty and value. In order to create the most sumptuous fabrics, whether knit or woven, one needed beautiful yarns. For years, we envisioned the feel, color, and design of yarns, which quite simply were nowhere to be found - not yet available in any circles. 

To make the vision a reality two things were important: first, the highest quality raw materials were needed and second, an understanding of how raw materials would meld into the creative artistry of the designers’ needs. The former has taken virtually thousands of births to manifest the genetics behind each breeding decision to refine that skill into today’s success. The latter required a technical knowledge of processing throughout every step from hoof to yarn. Along the way, we tried every fiber one can breed, create, or blend in the pursuit of fiber transformed to fashion. 

Slow Fiber

Like many “Slow Fiber” herds, our animals are not all white like mass produced fiber, but rather come in a range of natural colors from shades of golden fawn and rich browns to smokey grays and inky blacks. Once the animals are shorn, we grade the raw fiber into six different grades and 25 different colors. At each step of the process, we select the fibers which are best for the end products which are made in “Slow Fiber” studios or small mills. 

Field to Fashion

 At WoodsEdge Farm, we raise our livestock without pesticides or herbicides in our fields where carefully shepherded groups of healthy happy animals graze. Annually, our alpacas and suri llamas are shorn so we can harvest their luxurious fleeces and begin the process of converting it to yarns then hypo-allergenic products from socks and scarves to rugs. 


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